You are gone and I grieve
I want the world to stop
And feel the full weight
Of your loss too

I want to wail from the rooftops
For people to know you
and understand
and grieve with me

I want to burn our house to the ground
And feel cleansed by the flames
I want to take full responsibility
And be beaten and cast out

I want to burn your body
On the banks of the Ganges
And drum and dance and wail
Until I am sick with exhaustion

I want to tear the flesh from my bones
And make you new again
From a tear stained rib

I want you not to be gone

I loved you and had to let you go
I hoped you could let the world in
To love you as much as I did
And as much as you deserved

But you chose another way
To find your peace
A way I can’t understand

And so now I have to let you go again
And that is so hard
And feels so unfair

But despite everything
You are my wife
And I love you
And now all that’s left