I have fooled you
I am not a man
I am a lagoon
I live between
The surf and the dunes

I walk in the the world
By day as a man
At night my waters
Ripple against
The flotsam on a sandbank

This existence was given
Long ago by
A fairytale god
As a blessing
Or a curse
I can’t remember
Which anymore

I am tidal

Sometimes I am so full
I break my banks
And invite you in
To swim

Sometimes I am left
So empty
My heart lies withered
On the sunbaked sand
For seagulls to pick

I am brackish water
And shifting sand
Fed by unseen aquifers
And endless waves

I have fooled you
I am not a man
Though I leave
Small clues like
The sand in my pockets
And the salt on my skin

Sometimes on nightfall
As the moon rises
The fish in my waters
Leap for joy

I am a lagoon
I am tidal