You feel so far away now
But your loss still closes in on me

I’ll go through a day numb
Playing the charade of normality

Then I’ll open a draw
And find some of your jewellery
Or let my eyes linger
Too long on a photo

And I crumble

It’s that time of year too

Eight years ago today
I woke up next to you
For the first time

And watched you sleep
While I wrote my first
Love poem to you

We were both so full of wonder
At what we had found

How did we sink so far
To our separation
Your suicide

I still loved you
You still loved me
But we had made
Such a mess of things
There seemed no way back

I didn’t know that for you
There seemed no way forward

If I could go back eight years
I would tell you to run

But who knows if that
Would have saved you
And where you would
Have run too

We had some good times too
I know
I have the photographs