I’m floating on my back
Eyes closed
Out of reach of the current
In a basalt hemmed waterhole

With the sun on my eyelids
I watch the births and deaths
Of fiery galaxies

I hear friends laughing

Not far
Is the waterhole
Where I first learnt to swim

I remember splashing
And kicking wildly
My mother just ahead
‘Swim to me’
But always moving away
‘Swim to me’

In relief when she stopped
I would reach
And cling to her
But want to try again

I open my eyes
Draw breath
And dive under

I go deep
Kicking weightless
Through the dark
Quiet water
In search of
Things forgotten

What could I meet
Down here

But I’m no fish
My lungs burn
So I swim towards the
Faceted daylight
And come up for air

I always do