These days I try to make
My reckless decisions
On a smaller scale

Rather than running naively
Towards what I think is
Light at the end of the tunnel
Only to be surprised when
I’m flattened by a freight train

I will do a bit of jaywalking
On life’s streets instead
And hope I can time my dashes

That’s how I ended up
Rollin’ and tumblin’
Out of a blues gig
At a local pub
After midnight
And too much whiskey

There was a point
Where I thought about
Work in the morning
And a sensible nights sleep
But I ordered another drink instead

Because late night blues
Feeds the soul in a way
A call centre job never will

On the walk home
The moon was so bright
It cast shadows
And in the morning
I got up early and did
All those sensible things
That life requires
But with a stompbox rhythm
Beating in my chest